Amazing Ninja Cats Caught in Action! 20+ Pictures

We all apprehend that cats square measure gifted creatures. they’re masters of concealment. they’re epic photobombers. And in keeping with one photographer’s dramatic photos, they’re additionally ninjas.

Japanese artist Hisakata Hiroyuki has dedicated his time to shooting cats within the inside of fantastic leaps and bounds. These action shots capture the grace and gracefulness of the feline kind, from their dreamy legs and extended paws to their hunters’ stares.

In a series of purrfectly regular photos, Hiroyuki captures spectacular jumps, explosive kicks and powerful paw punches as cats channel their inner ninja. Hiroyuki describes himself as a cat artist who’s sensible at obtaining photos of cats. Scroll right down to read a number of our favourite of Hiroyuki’s dynamic shots.



The Ninja Cats


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