6 Ancient Cat Breeds that still Exist Today 

3. Siamese

There’s things feline, the true origin on the Siamese cat breed is shrouded in mystery. No one is exactly certain where Siamese cats were originally bred and domesticated. Some people believe we were holding bred by royalty, others say Buddhist monks. But a Thai manuscript way back to the 14th century, the Tamra Maew, or’The Cat Book Poems,’ , makes reference to dark-pointed cats and implies that the Siamese is a really old breed.

4. Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora breed finds its origins in mountainous parts of Turkey, where it developed its soft, medium-length fur coat for protection against the harsh climates. This traditionally white-coated breed is documented as far back as France inside the 1600s! There offers some speculation that this unusually soft-furred feline may be descended on the Manul cat, a compact cat domesticated from the Tartars.


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