6 Ancient Cat Breeds that still Exist Today 

From being revered as symbols of Ancient Egyptian gods, to being related to witches in the Middle Ages, to completely dominating the Internet today, cats have long been a part of human history. It’s estimated that cats were domesticated as far back as 12,000 years ago! With all the joy that cats bring us today, could it be any wonder why they have persisted this long?

Let’s have a look back at some of these ancient breeds that are still around today!

1. Norwegian Forest Cat


Norwegian Forest Cats, affectionately called “Wegies” by cat connoisseurs, these fluffy giants are considered to be descended from cats that crossed the seas on Viking ships. Yes, Viking cats! The Norwegian Forest Cats’ ancestors might include grayscale shorthair cats given Norway from Great Britain sometime after 1000 AD by the Vikings, and longhaired cats given Norway by Crusaders.

2. Egyptian Mau

Possibly the most ancient cat breed of them all, it truly is thought that Egyptian Mau ancestors have been discovered mummified alongside Pharaohs in their tombs. It is actually debated if Egyptian Maus are the oldest domesticated strain of cat, yet it is mostly of the naturally spotted kinds of cat. And papyri and frescoes going back where 1550 B.C. depict spotted cats, just like today’s day Egyptian Maus.



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